Current Version: 1.0.20
Project Name: csspp
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parser.cpp File Reference

Implementation of the CSS Preprocessor parser. More...

#include "csspp/parser.h"
#include "csspp/exceptions.h"
#include <iostream>
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 The namespace of all the classes in the CSS Preprocessor.


int const csspp::anonymous_namespace{parser.cpp}::g_component_value_flag_return_on_semi_colon = 0x0001
int const csspp::anonymous_namespace{parser.cpp}::g_component_value_flag_return_on_variable = 0x0004

Detailed Description

The CSS Preprocessor parser follows the CSS 3 grammar which allows for the syntax we seek to support: a syntax similar to SASS which allows for selectors, blocks with fields, and embedded blocks.

For example, we can write

div {
color: #000;
a {
color: #00f;

and the CSS Preprocessor transforms that data in:

div a{color:#00f}
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