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Project Name: csspp
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csspp::anonymous_namespace{node.cpp} Namespace Reference


union  convert_t


void type_supports_boolean (node_type_t const type)
void type_supports_children (node_type_t const type)
void type_supports_color (node_type_t const type)
void type_supports_decimal_number (node_type_t const type)
void type_supports_font_metrics (node_type_t const type)
void type_supports_integer (node_type_t const type)
void type_supports_string (node_type_t const type)


uint32_t g_node_count = 0
uint32_t g_node_max_count = 0

Function Documentation

void csspp::anonymous_namespace{node.cpp}::type_supports_boolean ( node_type_t const  type)
void csspp::anonymous_namespace{node.cpp}::type_supports_children ( node_type_t const  type)
void csspp::anonymous_namespace{node.cpp}::type_supports_color ( node_type_t const  type)

Definition at line 152 of file node.cpp.

References csspp::COLOR.

Referenced by csspp::node::get_color(), and csspp::node::set_color().

void csspp::anonymous_namespace{node.cpp}::type_supports_decimal_number ( node_type_t const  type)
void csspp::anonymous_namespace{node.cpp}::type_supports_font_metrics ( node_type_t const  type)
void csspp::anonymous_namespace{node.cpp}::type_supports_integer ( node_type_t const  type)
void csspp::anonymous_namespace{node.cpp}::type_supports_string ( node_type_t const  type)

Variable Documentation

uint32_t csspp::anonymous_namespace{node.cpp}::g_node_count = 0

Definition at line 51 of file node.cpp.

Referenced by csspp::node::node(), and csspp::node::~node().

uint32_t csspp::anonymous_namespace{node.cpp}::g_node_max_count = 0

Definition at line 52 of file node.cpp.

Referenced by csspp::node::limit_nodes_to(), and csspp::node::node().

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