Current Version: 1.0.20
Project Name: csspp
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csspp::nth_child Class Reference

#include <nth_child.h>

Public Member Functions

 nth_child (integer_t an_plus_b=1)
 nth_child (repeat_integer_t a, repeat_integer_t b)
 nth_child (std::string const &an_plus_b)
repeat_integer_t get_a () const
repeat_integer_t get_b () const
std::string get_error () const
integer_t get_nth () const
bool parse (std::string const &an_plus_b)
void set_a (repeat_integer_t a)
void set_b (repeat_integer_t b)
std::string to_string () const

Private Attributes

repeat_integer_t f_a = 1
repeat_integer_t f_b = 0
std::string f_error = std::string()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file nth_child.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

csspp::nth_child::nth_child ( integer_t  an_plus_b = 1)

Definition at line 64 of file nth_child.cpp.

csspp::nth_child::nth_child ( repeat_integer_t  a,
repeat_integer_t  b 

Definition at line 70 of file nth_child.cpp.

csspp::nth_child::nth_child ( std::string const &  an_plus_b)

Definition at line 77 of file nth_child.cpp.

References parse().

Member Function Documentation

repeat_integer_t csspp::nth_child::get_a ( ) const

Definition at line 92 of file nth_child.cpp.

References f_a.

repeat_integer_t csspp::nth_child::get_b ( ) const

Definition at line 97 of file nth_child.cpp.

References f_b.

std::string csspp::nth_child::get_error ( ) const

Definition at line 107 of file nth_child.cpp.

References f_error.

Referenced by csspp::compiler::selector_simple_term().

integer_t csspp::nth_child::get_nth ( ) const
bool csspp::nth_child::parse ( std::string const &  an_plus_b)
void csspp::nth_child::set_a ( repeat_integer_t  a)

Definition at line 82 of file nth_child.cpp.

References f_a.

void csspp::nth_child::set_b ( repeat_integer_t  b)

Definition at line 87 of file nth_child.cpp.

References f_b.

std::string csspp::nth_child::to_string ( ) const

Definition at line 356 of file nth_child.cpp.

References f_a, and f_b.

Referenced by csspp::node::display(), and csspp::node::to_string().

Member Data Documentation

repeat_integer_t csspp::nth_child::f_a = 1

Definition at line 47 of file nth_child.h.

Referenced by get_a(), get_nth(), parse(), set_a(), and to_string().

repeat_integer_t csspp::nth_child::f_b = 0

Definition at line 48 of file nth_child.h.

Referenced by get_b(), get_nth(), parse(), set_b(), and to_string().

std::string csspp::nth_child::f_error = std::string()

Definition at line 46 of file nth_child.h.

Referenced by get_error(), and parse().

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