Current Version: 1.0.20
Project Name: csspp
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csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void add_path (std::string const &path)
void clear_paths ()
bool empty_parents () const
virtual node::pointer_t execute_user_function (node::pointer_t func)
std::string find_file (std::string const &script_name)
bool get_empty_on_undefined_variable () const
node::pointer_t get_previous_parent () const
node::pointer_t get_root () const
virtual node::pointer_t get_variable (std::string const &variable_name, bool global_only=false) const
void pop_parent ()
void push_parent (node::pointer_t parent)
void set_empty_on_undefined_variable (bool const empty_on_undefined_variable)
void set_paths (compiler_state_t const &state)
void set_root (node::pointer_t root)
void set_variable (node::pointer_t variable, node::pointer_t value, bool global) const

Private Attributes

bool f_empty_on_undefined_variable = false
node_vector_t f_parents = node_vector_t()
string_vector_t f_paths = string_vector_t()
node::pointer_t f_root = node::pointer_t()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file compiler.h.

Member Function Documentation

void csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::add_path ( std::string const &  path)

Definition at line 104 of file compiler.cpp.

Referenced by csspp::compiler::add_path(), and csspp::compiler::compiler().

void csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::clear_paths ( )

Definition at line 99 of file compiler.cpp.

Referenced by csspp::compiler::clear_paths().

bool csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::empty_parents ( ) const

Definition at line 125 of file compiler.cpp.

Referenced by csspp::compiler::compile().

node::pointer_t csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::execute_user_function ( node::pointer_t  func)
std::string csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::find_file ( std::string const &  script_name)

Definition at line 359 of file compiler.cpp.

Referenced by csspp::compiler::find_file().

bool csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::get_empty_on_undefined_variable ( ) const
node::pointer_t csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::get_previous_parent ( ) const
node::pointer_t csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::get_root ( ) const
node::pointer_t csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::get_variable ( std::string const &  variable_name,
bool  global_only = false 
) const
void csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::pop_parent ( )

Definition at line 120 of file compiler.cpp.

Referenced by csspp::safe_parents_t::~safe_parents_t().

void csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::push_parent ( node::pointer_t  parent)

Definition at line 115 of file compiler.cpp.

Referenced by csspp::safe_parents_t::safe_parents_t().

void csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::set_empty_on_undefined_variable ( bool const  empty_on_undefined_variable)
void csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::set_paths ( compiler_state_t const &  state)

Definition at line 109 of file compiler.cpp.

References f_paths.

Referenced by csspp::compiler::replace_variable().

void csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::set_root ( node::pointer_t  root)

Definition at line 88 of file compiler.cpp.

Referenced by csspp::compiler::run_validation(), and csspp::compiler::set_root().

void csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::set_variable ( node::pointer_t  variable,
node::pointer_t  value,
bool  global 
) const

Member Data Documentation

bool csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::f_empty_on_undefined_variable = false

Definition at line 80 of file compiler.h.

Referenced by execute_user_function().

node_vector_t csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::f_parents = node_vector_t()

Definition at line 82 of file compiler.h.

string_vector_t csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::f_paths = string_vector_t()

Definition at line 79 of file compiler.h.

Referenced by execute_user_function(), and set_paths().

node::pointer_t csspp::compiler::compiler_state_t::f_root = node::pointer_t()

Definition at line 81 of file compiler.h.

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